Snow Bush - 36vine
Snow Bush - 36vine
Snow Bush - 36vine
Snow Bush - 36vine

Snow Bush


Hi! I'm Snow Bush :) but I actually HATE the snow. I'm from the tropics so I am a warm weather type of a plant and I'll do great indoors! I'm a heavy drinker, but not what you think, I just like water ;) I think my looks are my best trait as my delicate leaves with snow top accents are sure to make you choose me! I'm great for a nurturing soul that has the patience to care for me! I'm one of the most pet friendly plants all around!


Difficulty: moderate, little maintenance but needs some love

Light Needed: moderate, bright indirect light

Water: a lot, the soil must always be kept moist

pet friendly  


Snow Bush is an exquisite accent plant to any brightly lit room in your home. The slender branches of this tropical shrub are very densely covered with delicate, rounded green leaves that are dappled in white, give the appearance that it has just been snowed upon. The plant's stems are pink to red adding to the beautiful color display. This plant required little maintenance and does well in a home will good light, good humidity, and warmth.

Size: Medium (6”)

Where I’m From: Tropical Asia, Pacific Islands and Tropical Australia

Botanical Name: Breynia Nivosa

Nicknames: Snow Bush, Hawaiian Snow Bush, Foliage Flower

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Favorite Hangout Spots: The sunniest room!




This plant loves light. Bright indirect light is needed to survive and the brighter the location the brighter the colors will appear. It needs full sun most of the day but avoid direct sun.


Always keep the soil moist, watering about every 1-3 days. Water thoroughly and often to maintain the water in the soil. Do not allow the soil to dry out at any time.


Ideal temperature it about 65-75°F. Typically a tropical garden plant, Snow Bush likes warm, humid climates and does not like when the temperature drops too low. Standard household temperature works just fine.


Be sure to give this plant the humidity it craves. Moderate to high humidity is preferred. Boost humidity by placing near other plants in your home, misting daily in the mornings with room temperature water, or place a pebble tray nearby with water.


This shrub can grow up to 5-8' tall and 3-4' wide. Use good quality well-drained soil and fertilize every 2-3 weeks in the spring in summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer.


This plant is non-toxic and safe for pets!


It can bloom flowers from later summer to mid winter if cared for properly!