Mini-Succulents 3 Pack - 36vine
Mini-Succulents 3 Pack - 36vine

Mini-Succulents 3 Pack


Hi. We are little baby mini succulent triplets and we were born to make you smile & giggle every time your eyes meet ours. We may be tiny and just starting our life, but make no mistake. We prefer to be super self-sufficient and extremely low maintenance. Give us a little bit of love an we're only here to make your heart melt. The three of us will be chosen at random and may not match the photo but you're sure to love any of us you receive 


Difficulty: easy and low maintenance

Light Needed: moderate, bright indirect light

Water: not much, when the soil is dry     

reduces stress and anxiety


Get 3 individually unique succulents in a tiny (less than 1" big) clay pot. Because we are all unique individuals, mini succulents may not come to you exactly like the image shown, however, we guarantee your hearts' satisfaction. Each mini succulent set is chosen at random.

Size: each succulent is approximately 0.5"-1" big

Planter: 7/8" clay pot with drainage hole




Succulents prefer bright indirect light and natural sunlight. Avoid direct sun as this may burn the leaves.


Water your succulents by misting when the soil is becoming dry. Be sure to water the soil and do not water the leaves themselves. Due to the small size of this succulent, it is recommend to water it more frequently than larger succulents, about every 3-5 days.


Succulents ideally like natural sun and warmth. Ideal temperature is around 60-80°F. Keep away from cold drafts in your home such as near doors, windows, or air vents


Keep your mini succulents in a dry location. Succulents do not like humid areas as this may cause fungal issues in the leaves.


Use a well-drained cactus soil for best results. We recommend to repot your mini succulent into a larger pot within 2-3 months to grow your little friends into something bigger. Feed with a diluted fertilizer once a year.


If ingested, some varieties of this trendy plant could harm cats and dogs.


There are over 60 different plant families of succulents! Succulents in the purple and orange color family prefer the outdoors. Succulents that are really very green will do better indoors.

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