Leopard Lily - 36vine
Leopard Lily - 36vine
Leopard Lily - 36vine
Leopard Lily - 36vine
Leopard Lily - 36vine

Leopard Lily


Heyy! I'm Leopard Lily, a lot of people call me Dumb Cane but I don't like that name. My lush foliage is sure to look great in your home. I'm pretty easy going with minimal care needed, so I'm looking for a long term relationship. Take good care of me and I can be a stunning 6ft tall centerpiece in your room!


Difficulty: easy, hardy and has a long lifespan

Light Needed: moderate, filtered sunlight

Water: not much, only when soil is dry

great for beginnerscleans and purifies the airevergeen     


Beautiful, lush foliage that alternate simple green leaves with white spots attached to the straight stems. A hardy houseplant that can grow 3-6' in height and grows best with the proper care.

Size: Medium (6”)

Where I’m From: Brazil

Botanical Name: Dieffenbachia Camilla

Nicknames: Dumbcane Dieffenbachia, Dumb Cane, Leopard Lily

Family: Araceae

Favorite Hangout Spots: Bedroom or bathroom




Can tolerate almost any light conditions except direct sunlight as this will burn the leaves. Ideally needs moderate, filtered sunlight. Turn the plant over time for even growth.


There's no real watering art form here but typically every 10-14 days. Only water the plant when the soil is dry. Reduce watering in the winter or you may drown the plant.


Thrives best in 65-75° and less than 60° should be avoided. Too high of temperatures can make the plant sick. Low temperatures may slow growth.


Loves humidity, water the leaves in the morning!


Can grow up to 3-6' in height. Use a well-drained soil and fertilize every two weeks in the warm season and none in the winter.


Poisonous and toxic leaves that can cause swelling of the throat and skin irritation if ingested.


This plant is typically called Dumb Cane because the poisonous leaves contain a substance that can temporarily numb the vocal cords if consumed