English Ivy - 36vine
English Ivy - 36vine
English Ivy - 36vine
English Ivy - 36vine
English Ivy - 36vine

English Ivy


Hi, I'm English Ivy, the whimsical plant you're been searching for! The sight of my leaves cascading down from a hanging pot is the perfect addition to any otherwise empty corners of your home. I don't require much care but yet in no time my leaves will be reaching your floor. I'm the perfect match for those looking to fill their empty space with my long, beautiful vining leaves. Oh and I am one of the best air purifier around that you can find!


Difficulty: easy, little maintenance needed

Light Needed: moderate, bright, indirect light

Water: moderate, likes to maintain moist

cleans and purifies airreduces stress and anxietylow light tolerantpromotes better sleep    


English Ivy is a very popular climbing vine that comprised of heart-shaped leaves that are dark green. It makes for a great spiller plant than can grow down a wall or shelf or cascade to your floor from a hanging basket. It requires little maintenance yet grows quite easily and fast.

Size: Medium (6”)

Where I’m From: Northern Europe

Botanical Name: Hedera Helix  

Nicknames: English Ivy, Common Ivy, European Ivy

Family: Araliaceae

Favorite Hangout Spots: In spacious rooms to hang its vines.




Bright indirect light is best for this plant to grow. It can also do well is low light conditions if there is not much sun in your home. However, the bright the light the more variegated the leaves will be. Avoid direct sunlight or the leaves may burn.


Water this plant every 7-10 days. Do not let the soil dry out and keep the soil evenly moist to encourage red foliage in the fall.


A consistent temperature of around 60-70°F is preferred. Keep away from any hot or cold drafts in your home.


This plant likes humidity but can thrive in moderate conditions. Occasionally mist the leaves if your home is dry but avoid too much humidity as this may cause the plant to rot. Do not keep around too many other plants.


This is a fast grower and can reach up to 15' tall. Use well-drained soil to plant and fertilize once a month in spring, summer and fall.


This plant is toxic to pets if eaten.


A great choice for a plant that can clean your air! English Ivy can reduce the amount of mold in your home, remove airborne fecal-matter, and soak up carcinogens!

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Extremely pleased. Very healthy, high quality plants. A++