Croton Petra - 36vine
Croton Petra - 36vine
Croton Petra - 36vine
Croton Petra - 36vine

Croton Petra


I'm Croton Petra, nice to meet you! I sometimes get the rep that I'm fussy indoors, but not if you get to know me first! I do great indoors and can be hard to kill with the proper care and a nurturing parent. Treat me right and my colors will range from green to yellow to almost black


Difficulty: moderate, a bit fussy if not taken proper care of

Light Needed: moderate, bright, indirect light

Water: moderate, only when soil is dry 


cleans and purifies air 



A slow growing, evergreen shrub. Often grown outdoors in tropical climates but does great indoors with the proper care. This plant has multiple colors that range from red to green to yellow to almost black to a combination of all of these! Makes for a unique accent plant that can surely match your decor.


Size: Medium (6”)

Where I’m From: Southeast Asia

Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum 'Petra'

Nicknames: Croton Petra, Joseph's Coat

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Favorite Hangout Spots: Rooms with a south or west facing window. Love the bathroom if it's well-lit!




Needs a lot of sunlight, 4-6 hours of sunlight a day is ideal to achieve colorful leaves. Bright, indirect light is best. Too much shade will produce leaves that are only green. Too much sun and you might scorch the leaves.


Water every 7-10 days, only when the soil is dry. Water the plant thoroughly until water drains out the bottom. Cut back on water in the winter and more in the spring and summer.


Loves a hot, humid climate with an ideal temperature of 60-70°. Keep away from hot or cold drafts in the home. Too cold of conditions may cause leaves to drop.


Needs humidity! To boost humidity you can: must leaves in the morning, put next to other plants, or leave some water in the drip tray.


Use a well-drained and rich soil. A slow-release fertilizer may be used in spring or summer only (not in fall or winter) to promote growth. Do not fertilize more than once a month. Can grow up to 4-6' tall at maturity.


Moderately toxic to humans and pets. Keep the plants out of reach of children and animals because milky sap of the stem is poisonous.


This plant cleans the air like a champ! It removes VOCs from the air providing you with a clean and safe environment.

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