Bird of Paradise - 36vine
Bird of Paradise - 36vine
Bird of Paradise - 36vine
Bird of Paradise - 36vine

Bird of Paradise


I'm Bird of Paradise and I'm exactly what I sound like: exotic, lush, and beautiful. I get my name from my beautiful flowers that I bloom from late fall to spring. They are a beautiful shade of blue and orange and when you turn the flower to the side, you will see a bird shape. These bright and vibrant hues will leave you feeling happier and ultimately reduce your stress levels. My lush, green leaves are great for cleaning and purifying the air in your home.


Difficulty Level: relatively low maintenance

Light Needed: medium to full sun

Water: water when the top of the soil dries

Plant Traits: air purifying, flowering



The unique bird-shaped flower makes the Bird of Paradise one of the most recognizable plants in the world. While it is a slow-growing tropical plant, the results are well worth the wait. This plant has a very bold and hardy structure with long, oval-shaped leaves growing from the base. Flowers will emerge one at a time consisting of three blue leaves and three orange leaves. The flowers will bloom anywhere from late fall to early spring. Look at the flower at the right angle and you'll see the shape of a bird's head. Our Bird of Paradise are grown outside and may have slight imperfections.

Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae

Nicknames: Bird of Paradise, Orange Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower

Family: Strelitziaceae

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial

Native To: South Africa

Mature Size: Up to 4' tall indoors

Leaf Color: Green

Leaf Shape: Oval-shaped

Flower Color: Orange and blue

Growing Season: Spring to summer

Blooming Season: Late fall to early spring

Favorite Rooms: Living room, kitchen

Health Benefits: Cleans and purifies your air, reduces your levels of stress and anxiety



Grow Pot Size: 1 gallon (6" wide x 7" tall)

Plant Height: 

Plant Weight: 



Healthy & happy plant in premium soil

Plant that is 

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Our biodegradable grow pots are made of 50% sphagnum peat, wood fiber and lime to adjust the pH. The peat content provides a combination of superior root penetration, good drainage and aeration whilst the wood fibers strengthen the pot.

Designed for easy transplant. They are 100% compostable and approved for organic production. Simply place the entire biodegradable pot into your planter and the roots of your plant will soon grow through and decompose the pot.



Our recycled & semi-degradable eco-friendly fabric bags are made from a mix all natural fibers and recycled plastic water bottles saved from landfills. The breathable fabric allows for your plants to stay cool in the summer and provides good drainage to avoid overwatering. They provide a healthy environment for your plant to grow by pruning the roots and creating dense, healthy root structures.

These fabric bags are washable and recyclable. It will take 1-2 years for the bags to semi degrade. Use your fabric bag as a decorative planter and remove from the bag when it is time to repot. This planter is designed by Root Pouch.



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Requires medium to full sun. This plant thrives and bloom best with maximum sunshine and it can tolerate direct sunlight (though be careful to avoid sunburns). Give the plant nearly full sun in summer and as much as you can during winter.


Keep the soil slightly moist during summer but you can let it dry out between watering during the winter. About once a week in warmer months and adjust accordingly in the cooler months.


The ideal temperature is 70ºF - 90ºF and the plant can tolerate temperatures as low as 55ºF. It is not a cold-tolerant plant and recovers slowly from frost damage so be sure to bring the plant indoors in winter if you live in a colder climate. This plant prefers humidity. Mist the leaves daily or place near other plants to boost moisture in the air.


This plant can reach heights of 3'-4' indoors in a 10" pot (can get up to 6' tall outdoors). This plant is a heavy feeder and enjoys fertilizer year round. Give the plant a balanced fertilizer every two weeks from spring to summer and once a month from fall through winter.


Repot only when the plant is pot-bound by checking the roots in late winter. Stop repotting when the plant reaches its mature height (a 10" pot is great for the home, a 14" pot if outside with more growing space). Bird of paradise can tolerant pretty much any soil, so any generic potting mix will work great. The bloom cycle may get interrupted when repotting.


Plants that have been growing for a few years may be divided up into multiple plants. The plant pups may also be removed and repotted from the plant parent.


Mildly toxic to dogs and cats. May cause mild nausea or vomiting if consumed.

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