Areca Palm - 36vine
Areca Palm - 36vine
Areca Palm - 36vine
Areca Palm - 36vine
Areca Palm - 36vine
Areca Palm - 36vine

Areca Palm


Call me the Areca Palm, I'm full of life and I'm so ready to transform my new home. I'm great for many reasons: my fluffy fronds are the cutest and will capture your heart, I am amazing and cleaning and purifying the air in your home, and the best part, I'm pet-friendly! 


Difficulty: moderate, easy but does not tolerate neglect

Light Needed: moderate, bright indirect light

Water: moderate, once a week when the soil is dry

     cleans & purifies airpet-friendly



Did you know the areca palm was once endangered? Luckily it's not anymore so we can enjoy this beauty in our homes. These palms have smooth trunks that are sometimes golden and their fronds are fluffy and narrow, similar to bamboo leaves! This plant does love light so make sure you have a nice, sunny spot in your home to allow the plant the thrive! It is a great plant for purifying your air as it absorbs harmful pollutants from indoor air and provides fresh air to your home.


Size: Medium (6")

Grow pot size: 6" x 5"

Where I’m From: Madagascar and South India

Botanical Name: Dypsis lutescens (formerly Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)

Nicknames: Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Yellow Palm

Family: Arecaceae

Favorite Hangout Spots: Any well-lit rooms in your home.