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Weeping Fig
Very lush

Plant came in great condition even though a snowstorm just rolled by. Olivia was very patient with all my questions and provided excellent service.

Not exactly what I had expected

I love the red prayer plant and think it looks so beautiful, but mine showed up half dead and I think it was due to the cold weather that happened unexpectedly in the south last week. All of my plants came a bit dilapidated because I'm sure they got stuck somewhere without water, light or warmth for several days and I've been trying my best to revive them. I was so excited to get these, but I'm now obsessive over what I can do to keep them alive. I hope that it was just the weather that affected these and not the quality of the plants prior to shipping.

Never received it

Thought it would come to my door, but it didn’t I think they tried to put it in my mail box but it wouldn’t fit I’m not able to go pick it up so I didn’t get it I’ll never do business with ups again


So far I LOVE my red prayer plant! You have to mist it every morning and I wasn’t exactly prepared for that but it’s been pretty easy.

Hearty Boy

Chester arrived bushy and ready to take his place in our home! He's doing well with his siblings and enjoying his new home. Very healthy and green!

ZZ Plant
Just Perfect

If you're looking for that cozy little houseplant that's pretty, sweet, and air purifying, this plant is perfect. It actually is - the perfect little house plant. It's currently sitting on my desk and I love it.

Stunning leaves

Monstera’s are known for their large luscious leaves with incredible fenestrations, but even in their adolescence their leaves are so beautifully heart shaped and large that it makes for a beautiful piece to anyone’s home at any stage in the plant’s life.

Love it!

I had the red prayer plant sent to a friend as a gift and she has texted me three times in the past few days to tell me how much she loves it. It’s already growing new leaves 🥰

Recommend this business!

I bought the Umbrella Plant as a gift and it arrived across the country in less than a week! Fair price, excellent condition.
Note: pots sold separately.

The Cutest

this water can is exactly what i wanted. Would recommend anyone buy for small house plants.
I want to note that the handle is more white than clear but still cute!

Loving my golden pothos

You know you have a great plant, when your kids agree that it's amazing and beautiful!

Very caring and dedicated to make customer happy

Creeping Fig

I have looked at different places offering this plant and finally ordered from 36vine and am so happy I did. The plant arrived full and healthy. It is in a grow pot so was so easy to repot into a larger pot. Will be ordering again.

It beautiful

I hung the plant and hanging in a corner with lots of light, it look wonderful so glad I pulled the trigger on this


This beautiful plant was delivered to New York in January and was packed so wonderfully, I opened the box to huge glossy leaves. Even better than the pictures and growing so quickly!

Cutest plant ever!

This umbrella plant is truly adorable and brightens my day. It arrived shiny and healthy.
I have another older umbrella plant so I know they are very durable even in harsh conditions. I thought my older one had died so I left the pot in the garage for months. Without even watering it came back to life with new sprouts. Amazing!

Pretty and healthy

Pretty plant, healthy, just repotted following instructions. Packed well, not even soil dislodged!

Mystery Plant

Was anxiously excited to receive my mystery plant and it did not disappoint. I received a plant that I was not even eyeing for purchase but in the short time I have had it, it has become one of my new favorites. Packaged well and shipped fast. Only thing was, I did have to figure out what plant it was by browsing the website; there was no literature telling me what plant it was which would have been helpful instead of having to figure it out on my own.

delivery difficulties, but great plants

I think 36Vine did a great job with my order and the plants looked like they would have been fine. Except, the delivery service apparently left them outside, or somewhere else very cold, for an extended period of time while my deliver was "delayed" without explanation. The soil was frozen solid when the box arrived and 2 of the 4 plants appear to be dead, with the other two struggling. Again, I'm sure this was the fault of the delivery service, not of 36Vine, but just a word to be cautious if you're ordering these in a cold environment. I can tell that the plants would have been great if the delivery delay hadn't happened, so I will probably order again when it's warmer. Thanks!

Great Gift

I bought this Mystery plant for my sister as a gift and she was very excited to receive it. Although it is the dead of winter here, the plant arrived quickly and in wonderful condition. My only concern is that she showed me a picture of it and the card said that it was a Japanese Aralia and the picture that she sent me did not look like a Japanese Aralia but rather a Dracena Marginata. I wonder if the wrong information was given. But nevertheless, it is a beautiful plant.

Favorite Plant shop

I’ve ordered a lot of plants from this shop and I’ve been so happy every time and this time is no different! Plants arrived quickly and with a heating pack! Will definitely continue to order more plants 🪴


Packed very well, arrived in great condition. Very nice looking with interesting leaves. A stand-out addition.

Young and healthy

My monstera deliciosa is thriving. She's a beauty. I need to plan a trip to their local nursery, plant momma in the making.

super cute

Love this saucer plant holder. Really fits in with any style. My rhipsalis loves it.

Wonderful New Plant Baby

Adding a new plant baby to the family was awesome with 36Vine-- easy to order, quick, safe shipping with my new umbrella plant arriving in great shape. 36Vine provided very helpful and clear directions for how to best care for the new plant baby at the time of its arrival and over the course of its life.

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