Mr. Mister - 36vine
Mr. Mister - 36vine

Mr. Mister


The Mr. Mister is the only mister you need in your life. It's sleek, small, and creates the perfect spray of fine mist that helps your plant babies thrive. An essential for plant parents everywhere. It includes a sheet of plant-themed stickers so you can decorate however you want.



5oz. plant mister that works perfectly for boosting humidity of houseplants and air plants. It i a propellant free airless spray package with an aerosol-quality spray for the perfect fine mist. It contains of a mechanical trigger operated dispenser with a double-layered plastic bottle. 

Material: Double-layered plastic

Colors: White/clear

Dimensions: 2 1/8” w x 10” Hgt.

Weight: 2 oz



Mr. Mister spray bottle

Plant-themed sticker sheet

Plastic-free packaging

Exclusive plant care help

We guarantee our planters will arrive safely or we will replace them for free

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