Charcoal Fabric Grow Bag - 36vine
Charcoal Fabric Grow Bag - 36vine

Charcoal Fabric Grow Bag


Start your own at home garden with our eco-friendly potting option. Our recycled & semi-degradable grow bags are made from a mix all natural fibers and recycled plastic water bottles saved from landfills. The breathable fabric allows for your plants to stay cool in the summer and provides good drainage to avoid overwatering. The charcoal line is single use and semi-degrades in 18-24 months and designed for temperature control. It is a favorite for hydroponic use.


Recommend uses:

• Medical, recreations, and edible grow rooms

• Perfect for clones, vegetables, flowers, and young plants



This product is designed and produced by Root Pouch, an award winning product line of breathable fabric horticulture containers. It is UV resistant, BPA free, and non-toxic.

Material: Recycled plastic & natural fibers

Style: no handles

Size: 1 gallon

Dimensions: 6" w x 7.5" h

Weight: 0.7 oz

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