Snake Plant - 36vine
Snake Plant - 36vine
Snake Plant - 36vine
Snake Plant - 36vine

Snake Plant


I'm Snake Plant. If you're looking for a hardy plant that is always there for you, I'm the one. Fun fact is that I am actually a succulent! I am low maintenance and do not require much, I am even fine with a little bit of neglect. I'm a choice pick for beginners because I'm nearly indestructible and drought-tolerant. My long and sturdy leaves are great at purifying the air in your living and working spaces. Place me in your bedroom to get better sleep while I emit oxygen into the air.


Difficulty Level: low maintenance and easy to care for

Light Needed: low to bright, indirect light

Water: let the soil dry between waterings

Plant Traits: low light, air purifying, easy indoor plant, reduces stress, drought tolerant, promotes better sleep


The Snake Plant has long, stiff, and dark-green vertical leaves that are green and white patterned lines with bright yellow. This plant is drought resistant and low maintenance, making it nearly indestructible. It is a great choice for an air purifying plant as it has the ability to remove 107 different types of toxins from the air, including formaldehyde, benzene, air pollution and cigarette smoke. It is a great, versatile plant that can be a statement piece in the corner or a table top display.

Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii'

Nicknames: Snake Plant, Laurentii Snake Plant, Mother-in-law's Tongue, Bowstring Hemp, Golden Bird's Nest, Good Luck Plant, St. George's Sword, Yellow-Edged Snake Plant, Variegated Snake Plant, Devil's Tongue, African Spear, Magic Sword

Family: Asparagacea

Plant Type: Evergreen perennial

Native To: Tropical West Africa

Mature Size: About 2 to 4 feet tall indoors

Leaf Color: Green, white, yellow

Leaf Shape: Sword-shaped

Growing Season: Spring through summer

Favorite Rooms: Bathroom, bedroom, offices, living room

Health Benefits: Purifies the air, reduces stress & anxiety, promotes better sleep



Grow Pot Size: 6" wide x 5" tall

Plant Height: about 14" - 18" tall (including pot)

Plant Weight: about 2 lb



Healthy & happy plant in premium soil

Plant that is about 14" - 18" tall (including pot)

Biodegradable grow pot (6" x 5") or Eco-Friendly Root Pouch (1 gallon)

Plastic-free packaging

Exclusive plant care help

We guarantee our plants will arrive healthy or we will replace them for free




Our biodegradable grow pots are made of 50% sphagnum peat, wood fiber and lime to adjust the pH. The peat content provides a combination of superior root penetration, good drainage and aeration whilst the wood fibers strengthen the pot.

Designed for easy transplant. They are 100% compostable and approved for organic production. Simply place the entire biodegradable pot into your planter and the roots of your plant will soon grow through and decompose the pot.



Our recycled & semi-degradable eco-friendly fabric bags are made from a mix all natural fibers and recycled plastic water bottles saved from landfills. The breathable fabric allows for your plants to stay cool in the summer and provides good drainage to avoid overwatering. They provide a healthy environment for your plant to grow by pruning the roots and creating dense, healthy root structures.

These fabric bags are washable and recyclable. It will take 1-2 years for the bags to semi degrade. Use your fabric bag as a decorative planter and remove from the bag when it is time to repot. This planter is designed by Root Pouch.



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Ideally needs bright, indirect light but can also survive in low light. It can adapt to full sun conditions over time if needed.


Water every 14-21 days but less during the winter. Let the soil dry out completely before watering again.


Prefers warm and hot climates. Ideal temperature is 60°F-80°F. Keep away from air vents or by doors with a drafty, cold air coming in. There is no misting is required, can thrive in normal room humidity.


It can grow up to 48" tall indoors. Does not need fertilizer, but to grow fast, fertilize once in spring and once in summer.


This plant is a slow grower and will not have to be repotted often. If you need to repot, only do so in Spring and use a well-draining or cactus potting soil.


Propagate through division: gently remove the new plant shoots growing in the pot and plant them into a new pot using well-draining soil.


Toxic to cats and dogs as well as humans. Can cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea if pets or humans take a bite.

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