How To Make Your Plants Happy: Spider Plant Care Guide

Drawing of Spider Plant
Spider Plant: Chlorophytum Comosum


Ideal is bright, indirect light without exposure to direct light. Typically needs about 3-4 hours of indirect a day to thrive.


Water about every 5-10 days when the soil is dry. Bi-weekly watering is more than enough. This plant is sensitive to water with chlorine and minerals and prefers distilled or rain water.


Prefers a slight cool climate of about 65° to be the most happy. Can tolerate in low temperatures.


Enjoys humidity. Mist the leaves occasionally in the mornings.


Use rich, well-draining soil and fertilize with small amounts of organic fertilizer every 2-3 weeks to promote growth. None in winter! Can grow up to 24".


Non-toxic and safe for your pets!

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Jennifer mcintosh on

I was just starting to grow using hydroponics for some of my plants. Do you think I can grow my spider this way?

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