How To Make Your Plants Happy: Snow Bush Care Guide

Drawing of Hawaiian Snow Bush
Hawaiian Snow Bush: Breynia Nivosa


This plant loves light. Bright indirect light is needed to survive and the brighter the location the brighter the colors will appear. It needs full sun most of the day but avoid direct sun.


Always keep the soil moist, watering about every 1-3 days. Water thoroughly and often to maintain the water in the soil. Do not allow the soil to dry out at any time.


Ideal temperature it about 65-75°F. Typically a tropical garden plant, Snow Bush likes warm, humid climates and does not like when the temperature drops too low. Standard household temperature works just fine.


Be sure to give this plant the humidity it craves. Moderate to high humidity is preferred. Boost humidity by placing near other plants in your home, misting daily in the mornings with room temperature water, or place a pebble tray nearby with water.


This shrub can grow up to 5-8' tall and 3-4' wide. Use good quality well-drained soil and fertilize every 2-3 weeks in the spring in summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer.


This plant is non-toxic and safe for pets!

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