How To Make Your Plants Happy: Silver Ribbon Fern Care Guide

Drawing of silver ribbon fern


The Silver Ribbon Fern likes bright, indirect light but never expose them to direct sunlight or the leaves will burn.       


Keep a consistent watering schedule, allowing for even moisture at all times. This is not a drought tolerant plant. Make sure your pot has good drainage so the roots are not sitting in stagnant water.


The ideal temperature for this plant is between 55°F - 75°F but not below 50°F. It is somewhat hardy in that it can tolerate lower temperatures but a standard household temperature is best. If your temperature is lower, reduce watering until the top of the soil dries out. This fern grows best in a humid environment so mist the leaves in the morning or give the plant a humidifier.


Ribbon ferns can grow to about 1' to 2.5' tall. They have a moderate growth rate and can reach maturity in 2 to 5 years. Give the plant a half strength fertilizer every 2 to 4 weeks during the growing season, April through September, to encourage healthy new growth on your plant. 


This plant likes to be somewhat root bound so only repot when the roots fill the pot. Repot your plant during the spring using a new planter that is 1" larger than the current size. Use any well-draining or peat based soil. Do this every one to two years, diving the plant if it is mature.      


The best way to propagate this plant is through division. Divide your plant into clumps by using a sharp knife to gently remove sections of the plant from each other, ensuring each clump has healthy roots. Gently repot each new clump into a planter with well-draining soil. Propagating should take place during the early spring.


This plant is completely safe and non-toxic to pets.

Silver ribbon fern leaves

About the Silver Ribbon Fern

Botanical Name: Pteris cretica 'Albolineata'

Nicknames: Ribbon Fern, Silver Ribbon Fern, Cretan Brake Fern, Cretan Fern, Table Fern, Variegated Table Fern, Button Fern, Bird's Foot Fern

The Silver Ribbon Fern is a unique fern with bright foliage that are a creamy white color with a bold green outline. The feather like leaves give the plant a graceful look to attract any audience. The leaves come out in a forked shape appearance and are long and narrow. Like most other ferns, it does prefer high humidity and moist soil. It is a great choice if you have pets or want something a bit more unique than your typical fern.

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