How To Make Your Plants Happy: Prayer Plant Care Guide

Drawing of Prayer Plant
Prayer Plant: Maranta Leuconeura


While this plant is known to be low-light friendly, it typically prefers bright, indirect light. Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.


The soil should always remain moist but not soggy. This plant prefers to be watered with warm or room temperature water. Water plant every 5 days but less during the winter.


Ideal temperatures is 60-80° and prefers warm temperatures. It does not like the cold and should never live in conditions under 55°. Keep away from hot or cold air drafts.


Requires high humidity. Mist the leaves daily in the morning with warm water only. You can also place near other plants or leave a bowl of water nearby to boost humidity levels.


Can grow up to 12 inches tall with leaves that are 6 inches long. Use rich, well-drained soil and fertilizer every 2 weeks, spring through fall only.


Safe and non-toxic to all humans and pets.

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