How To Make Your Plants Happy: Pilea Plant Care Guide

Drawing of pilea plant


The Pilea likes bright, indirect light to grow and avoid direct sunlight as this might burn the leaves. Rotate the plant once a month because the leaves will grow towards the sun.


Water this plant when the top of the soil dries. If the leaves are drooping, that is a sign that the plant needs water. Water about once a week in warm months and every 1-2 weeks in cooler months.


This plant is hardy of a lot of temperatures and can even be tolerant of freezing conditions, but they prefer temperatures of at least 50°F. Standard household temperatures of 65°F-75°F make the plant the most happy. Keep away from hot or cold drafts. It enjoys moderate to high humidity so give the plant a boost if your home has dry conditions.


This plant is small and compact and reaches heights of about 12" tall. Fertilize the plant once a month in spring and summer with a half strength fertilizer.


Repot your plant annually during early spring into a new plant that is 1" larger in size if you want your plant to grow. Use a rich and well-draining soil and remove any pups growing in the soil if you do not have room and plant them into a different pot.


Propagating the Pilea Plant is easily done through division. The plant is widely know for growing "pups", or little plantlets. Separate these pups from the mother plant and pot into their own planter with well-draining soil.


This plant is non-toxic and safe to be around pets.

Pilea plant leaf

About the Pilea Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea peperomioides

Nicknames: Pilea Plant, UFO Plant, Chinese Money Plant, Missionary Plant, Pilea, Pancake Plant, The Friendship Plant

The Pilea Plant is a great starter plant for beginners and is quickly becoming a popular choice. It is small, easy to care for, and is a moderate to fast grower making it perfect for any plant parent. The bright green coin-shaped leaves add a splash of color to any area of your home needing a pop. The thick and glossy leaves are attached to a stem at the crown, giving the plant a very unique and memorable appearance. The pilea is known for purifying the air in your home and brining good luck and fortune. It is also pet-friendly and non-toxic to your pets.

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