How To Make Your Plants Happy: Peace Lily Care Guide

Drawing of Peace Lily
Peace Lily: Spathiphyllum


Prefers a well-lit location without direct sunlight. Ideally bright indirect to low light.


Keep the soil moist and water the plant weekly. If you see the plants leaves dropping, water it immediately. Use filtered water over tap to keep the plant happy.


Does best in any temperature over 55°, ideal temperature is 65-85°. Keep plant away from any cold drafts in the home.


This plant enjoys medium to high humidity. Mist the leaves in the morning or place near other plants to increase humidity near the plant.


This plant can grow up to 3' tall. Use a rich, well-drained soil. Fertilizing is not necessary, but if you do, only feed once in summer and once in spring.


This plant is mildly toxic to animals, so keep this out of your furry friend’s reach!

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Teresa on

I spit my plant cause it was root bond, that has been two weeks ago, the leaves do I cut it back ?

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