How To Make Your Plants Happy: Japanese Aralia Care Guide

Drawing of japanese aralia


Ideally needs bright, indirect light to thrive indoors. You can it outside during summer for some sunshine and fresh air but keep out of direct sunlight or the leaves will burn. This plant needs full shade.


Keep the soil evenly moist at all times during the growing season, not letting the soil dry out. Water about once a week. During fall and winter you can water about every other week, allowing the top of the soil to dry out.


Average household temperature and humidity is fine for this plant. Keep the plant at a temperature of about 60°F - 70°F and away from any hot or cold drafts. If your home gets extremely dry in winter, you may need to mist the leaves or place a humidifier nearby the plant.


The Japanese Aralia plant grows about 6"-12" a year and can reach heights of about 6" indoors or 16" tall outdoors. Fertilize every 2 weeks in spring and summer and about once a month in fall and winter using aa half strength fertilizer.


Repot your plant once a year during the early spring. Since it is an avid growing, keep an eye out for roots growing out of the pot. Repot with a planter that is 1" larger than the current size using a rich soil that can hold some moisture.


You can propagate this plant with stem-tip cuttings. Take a sharp, clean knife and cut a stem off a mature plant during the growing season and use a rooting hormone. Plant the cutting in pot with well-draining soil and keep in a very humid location until new growth appears.


Safe and non-toxic to pets.

Photo of potted japanese aralia plant

About the Japanese Aralia

Botanical Name: Fatsia japonica

Nicknames: Japanese Aralia, Japanese Fatsia, Glossy-leaved Paper Plant, False Castor Oil

The Japanese Aralia plant is comprised of huge, dramatic foliaged that is dark green, glossy, and hand-shaped. It is a great plant for adding a tropical feel to your home or filling and empty corner because of how bushy it can get. During maturity, the leaves can get as big as 1' long and the plant can reach heights of up to 6' tall indoors. This is a great choice for an air purifying plant as it efficiently removes toluene, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide from the air. It is also non-toxic to pets.       

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