How To Make Your Plants Happy: Golden Pothos Care Guide

Drawing of Golden Pothos
Golden Pothos: Epipremnum Aureum


This plant prefers medium to bright, indirect light but can survive in low light conditions as well (it may just grow slower). The more light this plant gets, the more yellow you will see on the leaves. Avoid direct sunlight as this may burn the leaves.


Does not need a lot of water to survive, wait until the soil it dry and water about every 10-14 days. If the leaves look droopy, that indicates your plant may be thirsty. Do not soak the plant completely but keep the top soil moist.


Ideal temperature is about 60-80°. This plant is able to survive in lower temperatures for short periods of time but prefers a normal house temperature.


A humid environment is preferable for the pothos plant but it can also endure lower humidity. If the leaves are brown, this indicates that the air is too dry and you may want to mist the leaves a bit or move nearby other plants in your home. A bathroom is a great!


This vining plant can grow up to 40'! Give it a balanced fertilizer one a month but avoid any during the winter. If your plant stops growing, you may want to reduce the amount of fertilizer and only provide plant food twice a year.


Mildly toxic to pets so please keep out of reach. May cause oral irritations or difficulty swallowing if ingested.

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