How To Make Your Plants Happy: Fern Chester Care Guide

Drawing of Fern Chester
Fern Chester: Nephrolepis Obliterata


This plant loves a cool, shady location so indoors with bright, indirect light makes for the perfect spot. It can also thrive in low light conditions but if you see the leaves turn yellow, this means your plants needs more light. Avoid direct sun and this may burn the leaves.


If you like to water plants, this ones for you. Keep the soil moist at all times. Water the plant about every 1-3 days and do not let it dry out completely between waterings, with the exception of winter. In winter, only water when the soil is dry.


Prefers normal household temperatures of about 65-75°F and will suffer if it drops below 50°F. Make sure not to place this place near any cold or hot drafts, so keep away from air vents or doors.


Ferns needs moisture and do the best with high humidity, which is why the bathroom is such a great location! Mist the foliage once or twice a day or consider getting a humidifier if your home is typically dry.


It can span up to 4-5' long with proper care. Provide well-drained soil preferably with organic matter, and feed a slow release fertilizer spring through autumn to help keep the leaves green. Do not fertilize in winter.


Non-toxic and safe for people, cats, and dogs.

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