How To Make Your Plants Happy: Creeping Fig Care Guide

Drawing of Creeping Fig
Creeping Fig: Ficus Pumila


Needs to have bright, indirect light. It can also survive in low light conditions for extended periods of time but this will cause the plant to grow more slowly and drop its leaves. Avoid direct sunlight.


Keep the soil moist but not overly wet, the root ball should always remain moist. Give it a thorough watering until water seems down the bottom of your pot. Water approximately every 7-10 days: if you see the soil is dry, it needs water. The more light the plant has the more water it will need.


Ideal temperature is 55-75°F but can be higher or lower to survive. Keep away from drafty doors or windows.


This plant loves warm air and humidity. Normal room humidity is fine but may need extra humidity in the winter. The more light, the more moisture the plant may need and you may want to consider misting the leaves or placing a tray of water nearby for your Creeping Fig to absorb.


This woody vine can reach up to 15' or longer but is a slow grower. It prefers well-drained soil and to be fertilized in spring and summer only once a month.


Keep away from your children and little furry friends. While it is not really poisonous, if you come intro contact with the milky sap produced by its stems, you may have skin irritation.

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