How To Make Your Plants Happy: Air Plant Care Guide

Drawing of Air Plants
Air Plant Care Guide


Air plants love bright, indirect light. Be careful to avoid direct sun as this make dry out the plants leaves like an oven. Natural light is best but they can also handle artificial, fluorescent light. *The more light your air plant has, the more water it will need!


Watering these plants is pretty simple and they can typically handle long periods of drought but will not thrive if water is too scarce. Simply give your air plants a bath about every 1 to 2 weeks by submerging them in water for 20-30 minutes. After soaking, you must shake off the excess water from your plant and place it in an open, well-lit area to dry fully (otherwise the plant will rot). Be sure to do your soakings in the morning! Additionally, mist the plant lightly once a week to promote moisture. Placing the air plant in your bathroom is a great place if you tend to forget to water your plants as they will soak up the humidity from your shower. Adjust water routine as needed to fit your plants lifestyle depending on the amount of light it gets.


These plants are pretty cooperative with any temperature so long as they are not freezing. Ideal temperature would be 50°F - 90°F. Keep out of freezing temperatures and protect from frosts. Just know that the hotter and drier the climate, the more you may have to water.


Air plants love humidity but are also fine with misting in dry climates (if it's in a humid place like the bathroom, you can skip the misting as the shower will do this for you!). The higher the humidity, the more light the plant can handle.


Never plant air plants in soil as this will cause them to die. You can fertilize the plant by simply adding Bromeliad fertilizer into your mister and mist onto your plants once a month. They can be sensitive to fertilizer so be sure to not over do it.


Air plants and non-toxic and safe for cats and dogs. If they ingest an air plant, they should be fine. Keep in mind that while air plants are safe for your pets, pets are not necessarily "safe" for your air plants!!

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