Our purpose is to make helping the environment fun and accessible for anyone


We're here to reverse climate change & deforestation by making it easy to integrate nature into the urban environment through the collective commitment of our customers and environmental partners to take action. Join us in redefining consumption habits and bringing harmony back to our beautiful planet


The daily buildup of constant bad news regarding Earth's climate crisis began to really take a toll of anxiety on founders Jimmy and Sara. Why are we being overwhelmed by negative news on pointing out the problems hurdling us toward inevitable doom yet as a society we are doing little if nothing about it? 36Vine was founded on the premise that the collective effort of society can make a great impact. We sell live plants all across the continental US to improve the urban environment. For each product purchased, we plant a tree around the world to offset the effects of deforestation. 

Forests play an essential role in our planet's ecosystem. Known as 'Earth's Lungs' Forests represent 31% of the land area on our planet. They are crucial in the survival of all life on earth. They purify the water and air, provide a home for 80% of the world's land-based species, and act as a carbon sink - soaking up carbon dioxide that would other wise be free in the atmosphere and contribute to ongoing changes in climate patters, making it the best resource and tool we have in controlling climate change. 

 Forests around the world are under threat, by deforestation and forest degradation, primarily from agriculture, poorly planned infrastructure, and illegal logging. Currently, Earth is suffering a loss of 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute. 

 Each purchase you make goes to combating and reversing these horrible realities. Every product purchased plants trees and contributes to urban greenification. 36Vine works with One Tree Planted and other charities to make a difference.

Join our community in helping to heal our earth, one forest at a time.  

Why buy a 36Vine plant to take care of?

- doing your part to fight climate change. buy a plant, plant a tree

- reduces stress, improves mental health, provides a sense of well-being

- increases concentration, memory, productivity, and focus

- boost to your immune system

- improves relationships & increases empathy

- improves air quality

- lower background noise


Join our corporate community in fighting climate change. 

Why purchase 36Vine plants for your office? 

- Increase productivity (by 10-15%)

- Increase creativity (by 15%)

- Reduce sickness & absence

- Reduce noise & stress of co-workers

- Cleaner Air Quality

- Help attract and retain new hires by providing a healthy environment

your contribution

Reforestation Efforts - Every product purchased plants a tree around the world in reforestation efforts with OneTreePlanted

Urban Jungle Project -  Collective effort of transforming apartments & office spaces into urban jungles to offset carbon emissions produced by cities

Consumption Behavior - Fragrant plants & other plants 36Vine offers replaces the need to purchase chemical & plastic scented products, reducing landfill excess

business model

We are a purpose-driven business, founded to provide everyone the ability to easily take action in contributing as little or as much as desired in the fight against climate change. 

Our mission is to provide an easy way for plant-loving humans to yield their influence in making positive conscious changes to the way we consume. We believe every business should be a force of good and provide benefits to humanity. 

sharing our knowledge

We are committed not only to bringing you the best plants and planet happy products we can find but also the best information about the impact you are making with your contribution and involvement