36Vine sells live plants to plant loving humans! Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to integrate nature into the urban environment in order to take action in climate change reversal. We do this by partnering with various charities and hosting events which bring impactful healthy changes to the environment. Currently, for every product purchased, one tree is planted in the effort to combat deforestation. Join us in redefining consumption habits and bringing harmony back to our beautiful planet


Shop by space, difficulty, plant type, plant function, subscription, or take a quiz to find your perfect match... and much more! 


Join 36vine's battle against climate change, and find out all the different ways we can change the climate narrative together. [coming soon]


Apply to become a content influencer, level up in 36Vine's secret society, contribute good to the world and make $MONEY doing it! [coming soon]

Meet the Team


Sara is AVAP (as vegan as possible) and has an addiction to coffee and is seeking help.


Jimmy could eat a pizza for every meal for the rest of his life and be happy. He also has a collection of fossilized, megalodon shark teeth.


Delaney is an avid roller skater and has a special talent for capturing candid photographs.


Andrew has a strange addiction to eating dried apricots and learned the hard way what happens if you eat too many at a time.


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