Spider Plant - 36vine
Spider Plant - 36vine
Spider Plant - 36vine
Spider Plant - 36vine
Spider Plant - 36vine
Spider Plant - 36vine

Spider Plant


I'm Spider Plant. Easy to grow and I require little upkeep but provide a ton of benefits to my plant parents. I look beautiful when you hang me and your house and I can adapt to almost any situation. I'm pretty much made to clean your air, I clear your room of pollutants! Oh.. and I have babies, tons of babies


Difficulty: easy, good for first time parents

Light Needed: moderate, bright, indirect light

Water: moderate, water when soil is dry


pet friendlygreat for beginnersevergeen

low light plantscleans and purifies the air reduces stress and anxiety


Long, grassy leaves with green and white stripes. The name comes from the spider-like leaves. Can adapt to only any situation, making them great for indoor use.

Size: Medium (6”)

Where I’m From: Southern Africa

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum Comosum

Nicknames: Spider Plant, Airplane Plant, Ribbon Plant, Spider Ivy

Family: Asparagaceae




Ideal is bright, indirect light without exposure to direct light. Typically needs about 3-4 hours of indirect a day to thrive.


Water about every 5-10 days when the soil is dry. Bi-weekly watering is more than enough. This plant is sensitive to water with chlorine and minerals and prefers distilled or rain water.


Prefers a slight cool climate of about 65° to be the most happy. Can tolerate in low temperatures.


Enjoys humidity. Mist the leaves occasionally in the mornings.


Use rich, well-draining soil and fertilize with small amounts of organic fertilizer every 2-3 weeks to promote growth. None in winter! Can grow up to 24".


Non-toxic and safe for your pets


This plant produces offspring which can be removed and grown in water until roots develop. 

One of the most pet friendly plants all around

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