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Plant Tineke Rubber Tree - 36vine
Plant Tineke Rubber Tree - 36vine
Plant Tineke Rubber Tree - 36vine

Tineke Rubber Tree


Call me the prettiest plant on the block, or Tineke Rubber Tree works too. These thick and glossy leaves of mine are a variegated to have shades of pink and creamy yellow amongst the green. If you want a plant to stand out, my rich colors will make a dramatic statement in your home. I can also be quite dramatic myself. Find me a nice bright spot in your home but then just leave me there, I don't really like change! My large leaves will soak up carbon dioxide in your home leaving your with clean & purified air.


Difficulty: easy to grow and low maintenance 

Light Needed: moderate, bright indirect light

Water: moderate, water when soil is getting dry


cleans and purifies air 



This beautiful full plant has large, almond-shaped leaves that range from green to yellow to pink. It is the perfect plant for a bright spot in your home. It is a strong and sturdy plant that can be used as a decorative plant or accent to your space. The large leaves help to remove carbon dioxide in the air and convert it to breathable oxygen.


Size: Medium (6”)

Where I’m From: India and Malaysia

Botanical Name: Ficus elastica “Variegata”

Nicknames: Tineke Rubber Tree, Variegated Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant

Family: Moraceae

Favorite Hangout Spots: any bright spot in your home!




Our biodegradable grow pots are made of 50% sphagnum peat, wood fiber and lime to adjust the pH. The peat content provides a combination of superior root penetration, good drainage and aeration whilst the wood fibers strengthen the pot.

Designed for easy transplant. They are 100% compostable and approved for organic production. Simply place the entire biodegradable pot into your planter and the roots of your plant will soon grow through and decompose the pot.



Our recycled & semi-degradable eco-friendly fabric bags are made from a mix all natural fibers and recycled plastic water bottles saved from landfills. The breathable fabric allows for your plants to stay cool in the summer and provides good drainage to avoid overwatering. They provide a healthy environment for your plant to grow by pruning the roots and creating dense, healthy root structures.

These fabric bags are washable and recyclable. It will take 1-2 years for the bags to semi degrade. Use your fabric bag as a decorative planter and remove from the bag when it is time to repot. This planter is designed by Root Pouch.



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