How To Make Your Plants Happy: Monstera Care Guide

How To Make Your Plants Happy: Monstera Care Guide

Monstera Deliciosa


Give the plant bright indirect light. Low light is tolerable, but some indirect light is best. Direct light might cause the leaves to turn yellow. 


Water about once a week with a nice, even watering to get the soil moist. Wait until the soil is fairly dry to water again.


This plants ideal temperature is 65°F-85°F. Try not to put the plant in an environment below 60°F.


The monstera can tolerate normal houseplants humidity, but try to keep it in a fairly humid environment. Mist the leaves to boost moisture in the air!


Use a well-drained soil. Feed this plant once a month from spring-summer to encourage growth. Do not give any fertilizer in the wintertime. 


This plant is toxic to plants and humans and may cause oral irritation, vomiting, and difficulty in swallowing if ingested.

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Pamela Bozeman on

Why do You say that its harmful to other plants/human, need to know please

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